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  "A New Methodological Approach for Teaching"
  Street Drawings
     (Third-year students of Buda Castle)

  Lecturing in Illinois as a Fulbright Scholar
  "Contour-side Opposites of Tone
     - the Local Contrast"

  Chaos and Order


Transforming of a Partial Set
Our Pre-requisites for Composition


Key-words: elementary form, contrapuntal, a set of forms, main motif, function, composition, modular grid, system, rhythm, structural grid of basic lines, symmetry.

Assignment: Completing a partial set, let's design an interior space and depict it with a low horizon!

     While roughly charting reality, we should choose some of the proposed architectural motives and then, summing up these within a system of our own - keeping in mind an imaginary function - we shall create a new interior space.
     We can control the structure of perspective by carefully calculating of the credibility of backside squares. That's why it is so important to trace even hidden edges. The success of our construction is up to the nearest cubic tower's correctness.
     During the planning stage and even later, while setting of surface intersections and material rendering, we shall be firmly supported by subdivisions of our structural grid's basic lines.


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