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  "A New Methodological Approach for Teaching"
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     (Third-year students of Buda Castle)

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  "Contour-side Opposites of Tone
     - the Local Contrast"

  Chaos and Order


A Personal View about the Initial Stage of Shading

Borderland, contour-side-opposites of tone, tone degrees of in-between, elementary patch, evironmental intersection, focus of observation, peripheric exploration, picture plane mosaic, the structural web of basic lines, tone initiative.


     After having constructed the structure of perspective by simple lines and before the use of general tones, we adopt the Local Contrast as a basic tone. This means that the focus of observation should periodically be directed to the borderland of outlines. By exploring the periphery of the picture plane mosaic in question, we compare the inward light relations to neighbors.
     Noticing a line we shall also discover a clear difference in tone along it. Lights and shadows are effective in mutual interaction only. ("There are no hills without valleys") Light areas should be enclosed by shadows. Dark zones should be bordered by lighter patches.
     Through adding of tone initiatives, linear graphics are deepening. Applying gray scales we establish proper transitions between white and black opposites explored earlier within the given picture plane mosaic.
     Other light differences issuing from surfaces, materials, space planes and colours might be expressed in details through further tone layers.

Follow-surface line layer by ink

Column's dark side contrasted to its environment

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