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  "A New Methodological Approach for Teaching"
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     (Third-year students of Buda Castle)

  Lecturing in Illinois as a Fulbright Scholar
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  Chaos and Order



Temple Buell Hall, UIUC


     During the Fall Semester in 2001, as a Fulbright visiting scholar I held classes for first year students in Architectural Freehand Drawing at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Here, in the School of Architecture, I tried to popularize my patented teaching help named "Proportion Meter", invented for controlling of linear perspective's convergences.
     My principal experience was to live within the multicolored Campus. Side by side all kinds of sciences are operating here. The University includes a large living and educating area of graduates and undergraduates. The schools are divided into colleges, led by their deans. There are exemplary connections between different disciplines. Everybody can count with the interest shown of his neighbor. The coexistence of artistic, literary and scientific forms produces many advantages. I could everywhere recognize traces of landscape architects, designers and, above all, that of a constantly maintenance.

The Foreign Language building, UIUC, 2001,
(felt pen-drawing)
        The Campus communication happens via E-mail and on-line Internet ( That's how students    are keeping connection with each other and with their teachers as well.
        The School of Architecture is situated in four locations. The new main building (Temple Buell Hall) is a fine    palace, curved in two directions. There are neither "Faculties", nor "Chairs". The Dean's office consists of some    few people only and a mail-room, equipped with a code door, where an all-knowing copy machine is always    ready for use.

The Kinkead Pavillon - Krannert Museum, UIUC, 2001, (felt pen-drawing)
     Teaching Freehand Drawing in the U.S. was easy for me, because all means serve the teacher! On the other hand, the average level of brought-with-knowledge of students seemed to be rather poor. There is no entrance examination. However, the costs of education are very important and thus the choice will be left to the free market.
     My class had its own key-room (located in Flagg Hall) during the entire semester. From week to week I could leave all my teaching material (printed hand-outs, posters and other demonstrative samples) on the side walls with cork-wood panel covering.

     At the beginning, it was a real shock for my students that I demanded them to draw "according to nature". I let them even prepare some model-cubes in order to be able to teach thorough fully the bases of linear perspective. Having won the kind consensus of my colleague-professor Ron Schmitt, I could freely shape the teaching program according to my individual project (e.g. substituting some geometrical chapters devoted "for ruler" by adequate freehand-constructions).
     Together with Prof. Schmitt, in both parallel groups we let prepare starting and final exam-drawings of similar tasks, in order to inquire the hoped progress related to different teaching methods.

At State and Oak Street corner, 2001, (felt pen)

Dearborn Street, Chicago, 2001, (felt pen)

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