Outdoor Assignments

  View-point Sketching
      - The Entrance Hall of Gellert Spa

  Space as Increased Cube's Interior
      - The Atrium of BUTE

  Guide Plane - The Market Hall
  Regular Interior Space - Corvinus-Atrium
  Renaissance Hall in the Museum of Fine Arts
   Irregular Interior Space - BUTE-Info

   Special Courses


at the Budapest University of Technology and economics

Regular Space regarded as an Increased Cube outfitted with Quadratic Grid

Key-words: Contour Intersections, Detail-Heaping, Extreme Oblique Lines, the Guide Plane, Negative Shapes, Oblique Lines of In-Between, Orthogonal Pictures, Picture Plane Mosaic, Principal Directions, Projection, the Proportion Measuring Method, Reflecting of Half-Motives, Simple Geometrical Shapes, Structural Grid of Basic Lines, the Diagonal Method, the Pencil Method, Vanishing Point, the Vertical Scale, Y-Shaped Junction.


     We consider the structure of a regular space as derived from an increased cube outfitted all over with a quadratic modular grid. During the sketching period of structure building we simplify architectural forms as if they were temporarily planked (covered by boarding).
     In order to depict believably the foreshortening side planes, it is useful to trace all necessary elevations adding modular grids first. In the meantime we gradually get acquainted with the logic of repeating structural fields. Through early orthogonal sketching of complicated shapes we may better pursue their perspective distortions later. By thorough fully combinations of duplicating motives we may control the degree of foreshortening in details.


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