Outdoor Assignments

  View-point Sketching
      - The Entrance Hall of Gellert Spa

  Space as Increased Cube's Interior
      - The Atrium of BUTE

  Guide Plane - The Market Hall
  Regular Interior Space - Corvinus-Atrium
  Renaissance Hall in the Museum of Fine Arts
   Irregular Interior Space - BUTE-Info

   Special Courses



Atrium of Informatics Building at the
Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)

Architect: Professor Dr. J. FINTA

Key-words: contour intersection, detail heaping, extreme oblique line, Guide Plane, orthogonal picture, picture plane mosaic, Proportion Measuring Method, vertical scale.


     We may deploy a credible shape of the central Guide Plane by dissecting the picture plane, further by proportion measuring and/or by detail-heaping as well. The Guide Plane preserves even in perspective its original regular structure.
     By thorough fully watching the context of structural relations between internal and external grids, the logic of construction will gradually clear up.
     In order to fulfill important comparative tasks of the Proportion Measuring Method based on picture plane dissection, we need a reliable measuring scale within the drawing. This might be either a vertical or a horizontal scale. In complicated cases we taste down the picture's surface in several tracks.
     We consider real oblique lines as if they were leaning on the structural web of basic lines. We may generally use subdivisions of the back stage for determining the slanting of oblique lines.
     Complex modular systems should temporarily be subdivided into singular structures. Here, in this task, before reconstructing in perspective the surface subdivisions of the floor, by the help of some orthogonal sketches we ought to study them from above. At borderland check points, where modular systems overlap, we should first of all mind remainding zones.


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